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We’ve started a new stage in terms of sound post-production. We transformed our relationship with our Equiscosa partners. We appointed Mike Moreno as the new head of the sound post area, and we also integrated Karim Mariscal to our team. Now, they are part of Óxido’s outstanding human talent. With these strategic changes, we set new challenges. We want to potentiate our services and focus on Sound Design and Sound Mix, and we will expand our VoiceOver services to regionalize, and thus, extend our capabilities in this type of services.

We would like to expose and take advantage of our Control Room and Iso booth facilities to open them to the public in order to maximize our technical and infrastructure resources. What gives us an advantage in the market is that our studio was designed by WSDG, a company from New York that specializes in acoustic space design.

Sound Suite

Sound Technology

HDR is not a booming technology, it’s a reality and a future standard in our industry

Sound Mix

ADR Specialist

Perfect hardware selection

HDR does not only mean more highlights in your picture, it’s a wider color range that allows you to tell your story with a wider color and contrast range. HDR is the future of image for TV and it’s growing exponentially. But nowadays, we must generate content that can be viewed in both HDR and SDR. That’s why Dolby Vision is so important, as it allows you to have both masters in a single container.

Our Sound Equipment

We use technology for the benefit of each project

Our Sound Post Service

We use technology for the benefit of each project

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Sound Design

With our specialized tools and creativity we make the image sound exactly the way we want it.

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Sound Mix

We have a control room with accurate sound reproduction and two control surfaces to facilitate the mixing process and achieve a perfectly balanced sound mix.

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Dubbing & ADR

Óxido has the best microphones and bulb preamps, as well as an Iso booth which help us achieve high-quality dubbing and ADRs.

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Foley Station

We are pleased to add to the audio equipment a fundamental element in the development of sound design. A foley station, Firepit is a group of Mexican engineers, passionate about sound design, with this alliance, add this very important element to the ecosystem of our design service.

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Music Supervision

Mike Moreno is an engineer with extensive experience in finding music, negotiation and music production. Nowadays, he is dedicated to the supervision of all design and mixing concerns, but he's uniquely experienced in all matters related to copyright licensing negotiations, which gives us a huge advantage for this task.

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